Moore Brothers Wine

Client: Moore Brothers Wine CompanyDate: Jan 2013

Moore Brothers Wine Company is a wine store with three locations in Philly, NY, and Delaware. These stores are unique not only for their knoweldgeable staff and personal reltionships with thier European 'artisinal producers' but also for the custom Point of Sale software the stores run off of. Moore Brothers offers their customers a unique experience with this custom software, which is supported by DXE Technologies.

Custom Software

Moore Brothers Wine Company runs their stores off of custom Point of Sale software for all of their transactions, from invoices and order processing to customer tracking and purchase history.

Together we not only removed bugs but also simplified the work flow for store workers as ways to reduce costs. Increased support for customer marketing through this software and integrated credit card processing both increased ways of generating revenue


Moore Brothers has embraced the next generation of merchant sales and together we have developed both an integrated mailing list and credit card processing software.

Mailing list integration software pulls customer data from the custom Point of Sale software and syncs that data with a highly sophisticated emailing list that reaches tens of thousands of customers multiple times every week.

We worked together with Moore Brothers to build a credit card platform that not only accepts credit cards both in store and online, but also allows customers to call into the store and place an order with providing their credit card information multiple times. This processing software is industry compliant with all necessary standards.

Cloud Computing

Demand on the Moore Brothers servers depends not only on the time of day for the store, but also on the time of year. Various discount offers and holiday sales spike activity both in the store and on the servers.

We worked together to setup cloud computing to provide the perfect balance of auto-scaling servers and costs, allowing Moore Brothers to not overpay for their servers or software.

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